Digital Marketing for Health Care Industry

digital marketing for healthcare is a blog that displays various benefits hospitals, clinics, and pathology labs can get if they do digital marketing of their business.

Digital Marketing for Healthcare Industry : Comprehensive guide on Strategies, Benefits and Statistics.

Is there any need for Digital marketing for the healthcare industry? What can be the benefits of digital marketing in the healthcare industry? What are the major digital marketing strategies that work well for hospitals? All these questions might distress healthcare service providers. Don’t worry! We will be going to solve these puzzle’s one by one.

So, let’s answer how digital marketing has the upper hand over traditional marketing methods? And what’s the difference between the two. 

In very simple words, Digital Marketing is any form of marketing products or services using a digital medium or platform. In our case it could be social media, a website, blog or YouTube channel, etc. 

We will not discuss much about this here. If you want to know more on this, you can check our detailed guide on Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing.

1. Statistics of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry that blow your Mind

  • Healthcare-related search counts about 7% of daily Google searches.
  • Seventy thousand searches are performed per minute.
  • 83% of patients search on search engines to find healthcare provider services.
  • 31% of healthcare providers have an absence of local listing.
  • 79% of social media users find it a place to answer personal health-related questions.
  • Among all social media, Facebook carries 97% share of health-related information consumed by users.
  • By 2026, the market value of digital healthcare ads could rise to 24.7 Billion USD.
  • Digital ad spends of 1$ can generate revenue of 2$ in return.
  • Email marketing can give an average 36$ in return for every 1$ invested.
  • The Healthcare industry has about 21.48% of average email open rate.

2. Importance of Digital Marketing for Healthcare Business

From the stats discussed above, you might have understood why digital marketing is so important for your healthcare business. 

This is an internet era. Everyone is living two lives, one is offline with family and friends and other is online with ocean of information, and experiences.

Everyone wants something more and large from their lives. To accomplish this, they want to live more, they take care of their health, they eat nutritious food, they exercise often, they meditate, etc.

People want to get more informed and educated about their biological body, health habits, healthy food, hygiene, and everything. They often search online and gain the knowledge and information related to that.

This habit grows on daily basis and the user start searching information related to diseases, symptoms, precautions, cure, etc. on official websites. Such behavior lead them to rely on the internet for health related queries. 

So the need for healthcare services to establish a robust and competitive online presence multiplies. Now their are many healthcare businesses which are actively involved in creating informative and useful content such as types of diseases, symptoms, cure, health and fitness habits, medicines, etc. for users. 

Srisai SMS is now very active in Digital marketing for healthcare businesses such as hospitals, clinics, pathology labs, etc. We serve in all major cities across India. 

Digital Marketing Strategies to approach Healthcare Industry

It is pretty challenging to strategize digital marketing for the healthcare sector. We are saying this because the healthcare service cannot be categorized into the usual services we come across.

Selling this service or nurturing an environment that could end up bringing the sale is not everyone’s cup of tea. It isn’t easy to even frame a punchline or elevator pitch in this industry.

So we need to ideate a digital marketing strategy for healthcare services on an emotional background so that our customers couldn’t feel offended. 

Let’s understand the overall psyche of the consumer with two cases. 1) When consumers are willing to buy a mobile phone, they might be pleased while spending their money or excited while searching for some good phones on Google. 2) When someone is diagnosed with a susceptible disease and needs to spend some money or search for treatment, precautions, or cure for that ailment on the Web, the emotions and state of mind are entirely different from case 1. 

Now let’s discuss what could be the content ideas and inspirations for healthcare industry. 

  •  Content creation to educate: educational content such as articles, white papers, animated figures will help in educating consumer about a specific disease, recent research findings, it’s cure, medicine, treatment cost, precautions, Mediclaim percentage, etc. 
  • Visual content to educate: User most likely engage with the content which is very easy to understand such as visual content. Video, animation, infographic are the type of visual content which 

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