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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Pune

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bulk sms service provider in pune, bulk sms pune, bulk sms service in pune, bulk sms service in pimpri chinchwad, bulksms pune, sms marketing pune

If your business needs a genuine and quick Bulk SMS service provider in Pune, then you should consider Sri sai Technologies as we provide Bulk sms service in Pune and all over India at affordable cost. 

Pune, also known as Punyanagari or the City of Morality, symbolized the heroic Marathas’ bravery throughout its formative years. After enduring the rigors of Sultanate control, it was renamed Poona during the British era.

Its rich past equipped it to deal with the post-independence boom era that saw it emerge as Pune, a satellite city of Mumbai, India’s technological hub.

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Pune, located in Maharashtra, has become the ideal destination for a diverse population of individuals from all over the country due to the recent growth of the IT sector.

This situation has allowed it to adopt a more cosmopolitan color that blends nicely with its remaining Marathi tones. 

Pune has developed a love for all things digital due to the increase in technology savvy.

The shift in consumer psychology has prompted businesses in banking and retail to create a slew of campaigns utilizing digital communication and marketing techniques. Bulk SMS in Pune is a natural by-product of that endeavor.

Pune’s consumer market for Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is the process of concurrently delivering text messages to many intended recipients. The message’s substance is dictated by its goal.

Bulk SMS can be classified as promotional or transactional, depending on the content.

Financial institutions use bulk SMS services in Pune to communicate with their existing client base.

These messages provide critical information about their investments, insurance plans, mutual funds, and maybe even important alerts from the bank.

Bulk SMS packages

Pune’s consumer profile mainly comprises young working individuals or couples who maintain a hectic schedule and have limited opportunities to visit branches to obtain financial information.

While banks and financial institutions can access their clients 24 hours a day, consumers are liberated from the need to physically visit the required branch or store to obtain vital information.

They may now readily read messages and answer, if necessary, at their convenience. Thus, bulk SMS in Pune is a popular solution that benefits both customers and organizations by sending these messages in a symbiotic manner.

Facilities of Bulk SMS service providers

Backed by this hospitable climate, bulk SMS service in Pune is gaining traction and doing well. Numerous vendors of bulk SMS solutions are based in the city.

These are intuitively built and ensure that organizations that use their capabilities get the most rewards. Among the services offered by these providers are the following:

  • The solutions are GSM and CDMA capable.
  • Furthermore, the solutions include an online DND filter.
  • Some systems have useful message templates, particularly when sending promotional messages.
  • Also, the solutions include a scheduler that enables users to create a timetable for sending messages on a specific day and time.

Bulk SMS in Pune is rapidly being employed as a popular marketing technique by numerous organizations.

It is well known as it scales successfully to growing customer requirements and benefits both the sender and recipient.

Bulk SMS Pune - Common FAQ's

 Yes. According to the latest TRAI guidelines, DLT registration is mandatory for both transactional and promotional SMS. Also it is mandatory for every company, entity and reseller. Here's the link - https://srisaisms.com/dlt-registration-process-jio-airtel-bsnl-vodafone/

We provide 24/7 technical and after sales support to every client. We are bound to resolve every issue that our client faces. They can send an email on support@srisaitechnologies.co.in or contact on 9594644034

No. Their is no limit on sending bulk SMS on daily basis. You can send as many SMS as you want. You can also schedule your bulk SMS delivery.

Cost of Bulk SMS service is same in entire India.

Check this link. https://srisaisms.com/bulk-sms-service-provider-india/

Our SMS Plans Starts from


1499 / 10,000 SMS
  • 18% GST Applicable
  • Instant Delivery
  • One Year Validity


5499 / 50,000 SMS
  • 18% GST Applicable
  • Instant Delivery
  • Unlimited Validity


9999 / 1,00,000 SMS
  • 18% GST Applicable
  • Instant Delivery
  • Unlimited Validity

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