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Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi – If you’re seeking for a reliable Bulk SMS Service provider in Delhi, Delhi NCR, Nizamuddin, Lajpat Nagar, or other major towns of Delhi,  Sri Sai SMS is the ideal platform for obtaining Bulk SMS marketing solutions at a low price throughout India. 

Delhi dubbed the ‘Dill’ or ‘heart of India’ by many, is the world’s second most populated metropolis.

Delhi, or Delhi as it quickly became known, was crowned as India’s capital in 1939 by then-Viceroy Lord Irwin.

It is also the country’s largest metropolis. With around 22 million people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds, Delhi is a rainbow of everything that India symbolizes.

Delhi | The financially crucial metropolis.

Delhi, considered India’s political and financial hub since the Mughal era, has retained some of its former splendor and continues to define critical financial choices for the majority of organizations with their headquarters in Delhi.

Among the most critical of these choices is the ability to establish critical marketing strategies for firms.

Bulk SMS services play a key role in modern marketing strategies. As a result, bulk SMS services in Delhi play a significant part in the city’s economic landscape.


Bulk SMS is the practice of concurrently delivering text messages to a large number of recipients.

In today’s environment, when time is increasingly valued as a scarce resource, merchants must prioritize speed for their marketing initiatives to be successful.

As a result, they utilize SMS solutions that enable them to decrease the labor associated with text message delivery and boost their chances of making good revenue.

Given that the retail industry feeds on promotions to enhance product awareness, bulk SMS appears to be the ideal tool for merchants to keep their target audience informed, educated, and instilled with product consciousness.


Delhi is home to a cosmopolitan urban population that is fashion conscious. The majority of these individuals and families earn enough money and have sufficient purchasing power, making Delhi an ideal location for the retail market to thrive.

As the current urban populous spends their life through their mobile phones, shops have begun to capitalize on this fact and have established bulk SMS services in Delhi as the preferred means of spreading the word about their products.

According to records, Delhi has the highest rate of Bulk SMS use. The population receives around 20% of all marketing efforts conducted via SMS services.

Bulk SMS services in Delhi use the latest technology to communicate with their subscribers.

Delhi residents are now more aware of new products being launched by retailers, informed of new store locations, and informed of any special discount offers.

Additionally, Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi assist businesses in retaining client information by allowing them to add and amend new and current customer information.


Retail marketing encompasses all efforts that result in promoting and selling a completed product.

Being one of the most prominent shopping locations, Delhi serves as the focal point for merchants’ marketing activities.

Bulk SMS Services in Delhi is an example of this type of technology. The popularity of this instrument and its subsequent success in assisting businesses in accomplishing their goals demonstrates their accuracy in analyzing consumer trends and developing relevant tactics.

Bulk SMS Delhi - Common FAQ's

Yes. According to the latest TRAI guidelines, DLT registration is mandatory for both transactional and promotional SMS. Also it is mandatory for every company, entity and reseller. Here's the link - https://srisaisms.com/dlt-registration-process-jio-airtel-bsnl-vodafone/

We provide 24/7 technical and after sales support to every client. We are bound to resolve every issue that our client faces. They can send an email on support@srisaitechnologies.co.in or contact on 9594644034

No. Their is no limit on sending bulk SMS on daily basis. You can send as many SMS as you want. You can also schedule your bulk SMS delivery.

Cost of Bulk SMS service is same in entire India.

Check this link. https://srisaisms.com/bulk-sms-service-provider-india/

Our SMS Plans Starts from


1499 / 10,000 SMS
  • 18% GST Applicable
  • Instant Delivery
  • One Year Validity


5499 / 50,000 SMS
  • 18% GST Applicable
  • Instant Delivery
  • Unlimited Validity


9999 / 1,00,000 SMS
  • 18% GST Applicable
  • Instant Delivery
  • Unlimited Validity

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